ShulkFit Website Redesign

shulkfit mac zenseidigital

Based in Chicago, Shulk Fit offers premium personal training to enthusiasts and advanced body builders. With an established local presence and growing clientele, Shulk Fit needed a revamped eCommerce web site that reflected high-quality service, converts leads more effectively, and site features that improves process efficiencies. In addition, a huge emphasis was made on mobile-friendly design and search engine optimization.

Zensei Digital restructured Shulk Fit’s information hierarchy through reorganization of content and fat-trimming. By creating a laser focused information flow, key selling points and decision-critical information is retained more effectively.  With a black and white dominant color scheme, it gave the site a serious and modern feel. Coupled with a compelling video header and high-quality photography, it completes the high-end presentation.

All functionality requirements were integrated such as membership tracking, online store, and appointment booking.

Programs Shop
Appointment Booking Feature
Fitness Member Management

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